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The Vigil

The Vigil has supported the likes of Puddle of Mudd, Everclear, Therapy?, Anvil, The Datsuns, Zico Chain, Lonely the Brave, Electric Eel Shock, Max Raptor, LTNT, The Treatment, Tax the Heat, Toseland, Cage the Gods, Unzucht, Goldsboro, Rival State & many more.

On the 25th November 2016 Bristol based alt rockers The Vigil released their debut album ‘Save Our Souls’. Nigel Pulsford from the band Bush produced the four piece’s storming debut, who also plays lead guitar on the album. The Vigil has always enjoyed playing a heavy rock sound, slamming drums, huge guitars, deep bass & raw vocals: Music that really hits you in your core.

The band has released two singles & singles from ‘Save Our Souls’, entitled ‘Do You Feel Alive’ & ‘All You’ve Done’. Famed Nirvana/ Soundgarden/ photographer Steve Gullick filmed the video for the second single. The song has picked up heavy rotation on Planet Rock where it has been played for 8 weeks and counting on the New Rock Saturday night program. The band has been featured in Kerrang, Powerplay and Bass Player Magazine to name but a few. The Vigil has been booked to perform to 5000 people at this year’s inaugural Amplified Rock Festival in Gloucestershire in July.

Kerrang!: “Bringing ’90’s alt rock to the modern age.” “Flamboyant grunge, tight and technically gifted.”

MOSH “If you’re a fan of Puddle of Mudd or Nirvana you are going to love it…” “The Vigil a band to be reckoned with…an album any rock fan should own…”

Gig Radar: “Grungy brilliance, Save Our Souls is something pretty special.”

Alt Corner: “The lovechild between Kurt Cobain and the Gallagher brothers and you get Olly Smith.”

Musicology: “7 out of 10 they could become the next arena rock band!”


Bath Moles 28-7-16
(Supporting Tax the Heat)

The Vigil, who sound like every grunge band you’ve ever heard rolled into one. Mainly Nirvana but with hints of both Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. They’re loud and powerful, with frontman Olly Smith leading them in suitably heavy fashion through songs like “No One Wins” and “Nothing Sacred.” It’s also apparent that Robbie Schuck is a talented lead guitarist.”

Bugbear Promotions The Dublin Castle, Camden London:

“Vigil-old school Sabbathy riff powered metal that chugs stonerishly and crunches NWOBHMishly…excellently low slung and indie aware..Liam Gallagher takes elephant tranks and joins Fu Manchu.”

Fear of Fiction Magazine Bristol Issue 10:
The Vigil – The Remainder (Bristol Radar Compilation Vol.1)

“A smack in the face that only a 3-piece can deliver, combining the intensity of Nirvana and power of QOTSA.”

Gaz E – Live Review Everclear 02 Academy Bristol 1-4-13

“The first band on, maybe surprisingly, are the ones that leave the biggest mark: The Vigil are a Bristol band who have been added to the show as local support but pretty much steal it from the two bands above them. They ply their trade in ’90s-influenced (heavily and heavy) alt rock and, while there’s a definite Nirvana vibe to some of the songs, I’m also left thinking of the fuzzy, retrofied sounds on the last Redd Kross album, ‘Researching The Blues’. Ones to keep an eye out for…”

Jodie Humphries

“My friend and I looked at each other and mouthed ‘Wow.’ We had entered a proper rock show. Watching The Vigil made you want to pick up an instrument and rock out.”